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Gateway Gallery

PXR 4498

The Gallery, is located in the main terminal building adjacent to the Onward Travel Centre and is delivered in partnership with the Luton Cultural Service Trust. The Gallery aims to create exposure for local artists within the Airport arrivals area, as well as giving airport passengers greater access to local artistic talent.

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Dive by Kiran Patel


A collection of 20 paintings entitled ‘Alchemy’. The theme for the exhibition is inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. Her winning entry has been exclusively created for the Airport’s recent Gateway Gallery competition. As a self taught artist of 20 years her works have featured in online magazines such as Pov, Spindle and Twenty6 and also fully illustrated the book titled "The Future We Choose" by the collective ThinkActVote.Kiran said of her work: “The focus has been on the concept that long held patterns can be fractured and pierced through with new ideas or concepts that then follow a new path. These works are created using details of line and form, light and shadow, repetition and explosions of expression. They are an abstract depiction of our minds neural pathways and hold a resonance of the fractal and unfolding patterns also found in nature".

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