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Aircraft & Ground Noise


London Luton Airport understands noise is the source of most concern for some local community members. We are committed to managing the impact of noise on our surrounding environment. 

We have developed a noise management programme through close consultation with local communities and our users. Based on a combination of regulations and economic instruments we believe that our programme continues to set the standard for best practice in the UK. 


London Luton Airport's Aircraft Noise & Track Monitoring System "TraVis" is a comprehensive system to monitor and record actual flown tracks and noise levels of London Luton Airport aircraft operations.

This integrated system includes many components, including a network of three permanent noise monitors that measure the noise environment and a system directly connected to the air traffic control radar that collects aircraft flight tracks. 


Feedback from our neighbours is crucial to the success of this program. Any information from surrounding residents concerning airport noise in neighbouring communities is entered into our complaints database. This information is analysed to identify trends in specific aircraft noise disturbance and consequently helps the airport to minimise the impact of its operations. This data is published in the quarterly Airfield Environment Reports presented to the London Luton Airport Consultative Committee and also in the Annual Monitoring Reports published by Luton Borough Council. 

We seek to strike a balance between the growing number of aircraft movements to and from London Luton Airport and any resulting noise disturbance caused to local communities. Our noise management programme has evolved from close consultation with local communities and Luton-based airlines.


"Aircraft Noise Control at London Luton Airport" is a document explaining our control measures, including those implemented in response to recently set planning conditions, measures that have been introduced voluntarily in consultation with LLACC and also measures adopted that follow best industry practice. This document is available to download from the foot of this page.

Further details can be found within quarterly Airfield Environmental Reports, which area available from our publications section. 

If you have a complaint about noise pollution, please call our Noise Complaints Line: 01582 395382, or complete a Noise Complaint Form.


Helicopter Activity

In November 2007 London Luton Airport introduced a number of Visual Reference Points (VRPs) in order to reduce the impact of helicopter traffic on built-up areas to the south of the Airport. The document below answers some common questions raised during this process.